Jet Grout Pumps and Mixers

Equipment for jet grout production


Jet grout pump

Ideal for filling fissures in soils, various solids, ties and anchors.

The jet grout pump makes it possible to fill cracks in soils, various solids, ties and anchors. Ideal for construction companies or foundation or geotechnical companies that want a quality injection pump that offers safety and reliability. 

The equipment works together with a mixer and needs electricity to operate. It has a panel that allows you to control the product flow rate and ensure that the cement grout is injected in high pressure, reaching the maximum possible extension, or its entire extension, of the structure to be injected. 


• Efficient in the injection process
• Ensures the execution time within your deadline
• Allows high pumping pressure
• Compact equipment, easy to handle
• Can be connected in series
• Easy to transport
• Can be transported into confined spaces
• Injection flow rate of 55 LPM
• Maximum pressure of 100 kgf/cm2
• UH60 hydraulic unit
• Tank for 80 l
• Interconnection hoses with quick connector.


High-turbulence cement mixer

The Rhinus M380 high-turbulence mixer is used for homogenization of cement grout. Used to feed jet grout pumps for tiranting and stringing such as the Rhinus BI60 pump.


• Ensures cement homogenization for grout production
• High turbulence
• Electric system
• Easy transport


Triplex mud pump

Triplex pump for probing and environmental jobs.

• Flow rate of 70 LPM
• Operating pressure 35 kgf/cm2
• 10 HP diesel engine
• Skid-mounted
• Transmission by belts and pulleys
• Protective shell
• Manual start.

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