Areas of Activity

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Services


Besides manufacturing equipment, our company acts in the foundation business for civil construction, providing electro-mechanical support, developing and modernizing the equipment of the companies specialized in the execution of piles in the following processes:

•  Continuous flight auger type piles;
•  Metallic driven piles;
•  Precast concrete piles;
•  Hollowed piles;
•  Root-type piles;
•  Bored piles and barrettes with bentonite slurry;
•  Ties and anchors.

Bate Estacas


Equipment manufacturing, accessories manufacturing, machine rehabilitation, calibrations and upgrades for geotechnical engineering.

•  Hollow stem auger drilling;
•  Direct push drilling;
•  Rotary drilling;
•  Mechanized SPT drilling;
•  CPT/CPTU drilling.


Manufacture of machinery and equipment for environmental engineering companies.

• Hollow stem auger drilling

• Direct push probing

Mechanical Engineering

Biosonda has a body of mechanical engineers.

• Issue of technical reports with ART;
• Issue of maintenance plan with ART;
• Preparation of mechanical engineering projects with ART;
• Evaluation of machinery and equipment;
• Training with certificate emission;

About Our responsible engineers

Marcelo Bois

Marcelo Bois CEO

Rafael Bois

Rafael Bois Mechanical Engineer

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