Junttan Equipment

Finnish pile driving equipment

Biosonda - Official Junttan representative in Brazil

For over 15 years performing maintenance and modernization services on Junttan machines and equipment, Biosonda is now also the official Junttan representative in Brazil for commercialization of its hydraulic impact hammers, pile drivers and after sales services.

Junttan Hydraulic Hammers

proven impact hammers in the Brazilian market

Junttan hydraulic impact hammers, renowned in the Brazilian market, are the most modern in the world today in terms of driving technology.

With models that range from 5 to 15t, they can work suspended, inclined on and off shore powered by hydraulic power packs or coupled to pile drivers.

They are indicated for driving pre-cast piles of any shape and metallic piles.

Learn more about these equipments by downloading Junttan’s official PDF.

Junttan Piling Rigs

Perfect equipment for using Junttan hammers

Junttan offers a wide range of hydraulic pile driving rigs, which equipped with their hydraulic hammers, are flexible enough to drive all types of piles and profiles, working for driving elements of different sections and materials.

Junttan pile drivers are designed to be versatile and multi-functional, and can be adapted for driving, continuous flight augering and large diameter bored piles.

Learn more about these rigs by downloading the official Junttan PDF.

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