Pile Driving Rigs

Equipment for driving piles with efficiency and precision


Versatile pile driver for any hammer up to 4t

The RHINUS RH320 hydraulic pile driver is a rig that works with any type of hydraulic impact hammers up to 4 t or vibratory hammers. Only RHINUS 3 tons hammers allow driving piles in the periphery of the terrain from 1 to 5 cm from the wall. 

Developed and produced in Brazil, inspired by Dutch technology and the experience of Brazilian foundation companies, it uses a 20-ton excavator as its base, which makes it possible to operate the equipment in a 360˚ radius. 

Several sensors capture information during operation, limiting the movements of the pile driver within a safety range.  


• Versatile equipment
• Allows the use of impact or vibration hammers
• Easy to operate and safe
• Easy to assemble for work and disassemble for transportation



The piling tower is an implement that allows, using vibratory or impact hammers attached, to drive piles up to 40 m in length.

The tower can be mounted on any crawler crane, which increases its usefulness by turning it into a large-sized pile driver. The tower is modular and can range from 20 to 40 m in height with 6.5 m segments.

The lower tower support provides 850 mm of horizontal travel and 300 mm of lateral adjustment +/- 150 mm. With the crane stationary this arm allows the tower to move using hydraulic controls to all sides (forward, backward and side to side). Facilitating the handling of the equipment in the work area and increasing the productivity of the driving.

• Ensures pile driving that conventional methods do not allow
• Facilitates operation using its own control panel
• Offers versatility in application with the crane

Solar 10

Pile driver for solar panels.

Self-propelled rubber tracked equipment for driving piles for solar panels.

• 4-cylinder diesel engine of 47.6 HP
• 950J hydraulic hammer.
• Equipment rotation 90º
• Useful tower stroke of 4.2m
• Articulated tower
• Option with rotator head
• Option with automatic tower leveling

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