Applied Mechanical Engineering
Engineering team specialized in developing creative technological solutions,
adaptable to the needs and requirements of our customers.
Biosonda is the Official Junttan
Representative in Brazil
Learn about our history with Junttan and branded equipment
renowned in Brazil and worldwide.
Manufacturing of Secure,
Robust and Productive Equipments.
High performance equipment that
meets the most demanding safety standards.
Reforms and Maintenance
Team specialized in equipment of various
applications, ensuring the proper functioning
of our customers' machines.

Foundation and Geotechnics

Manufacturing, maintenance and modernization of national and international equipment for foundations and geotechnics.


Manufacture of probing equipment. Maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of national and international machinery.


Manufacturing of equipment aimed at environmental engineering companies.

Biosonda - Constant update for new technologies

Biosonda is not satisfied with just producing a good machine, its goal has always been and will always be to provide the best equipment that our customer will find on the market. This update is essential to ensure that our equipment always stands out among the others. Our team of mechanical engineers maintain a constant learning process, always looking for references in what is most advanced around the world.

Martelos Rhinus

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